Open Source Hardware Wallet

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Kastelo is a Open Source hardware wallet designed for safely storing and using Monero (XMR), a leading cryptocurrency with a focus on private and censorship-resistant transactions. Parts have been selected from manufactures that do not require a non-disclosure agreement or closed-sourced terms, so the complete production process can be transparently implemented. Hardware design documentation is provided under a CERN Open Hardware Licence to encourage knowledge sharing and dissemination. The development and funding of the project is a grassroots effort with the aim of developing a wallet design that is available for anyone to review, experiment, and improve in the interest of advancing financial freedom.

Hardware wallets are commonly used to secure money transactions. Cryptographic keys are generated and stored on the physical wallet device that is isolated from an operating system. Functions are executed externally and require a manual confirmation by pressing a button. The operating system never has access to secrets stored on the device. This process helps to defend against keyloggers and other malware that may exist on a compromised system.